8 Tips for Better Social Media Marketing for Your Insurance Brokerage

Struggling to get a handle on social media marketing for your brokerage? Don’t worry it’s not quite as tough as it might seem at first. Our [...]
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Building Your Brokerage Brand – 10 Tips to Get You Started

If you’re finding it challenging to establish your brokerage as a recognized brand then we have some simple tips to get you pointed in the [...]
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Global Risks 2015 - Shining the Spotlight on Insurance Risks for the Decade

The World Economic Forum has recently published its global risks report for the year. This report looks at the top 10 risks facing the world at [...]
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Creating a Stronger Customer Service Culture for Your Insurance Brokerage

Customer service is a funny thing; we all know that it’s important but we often struggle to deliver it in the right way consistently. There [...]
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The UK Insurance Act 2014 – What Does it Mean for Insurers?

The UK Insurance Act 2014 may well come into force by the end of parliament (30th of March 2015). This means that 18 months after coming into [...]
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5 Potential Areas for Cyber Fraud in 2015

If your insurance brokerage deals with cyber-related insurance issues; you might want to keep your customers up to date with information on the [...]
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5 Great Ways to Improve Your Brokerage’s Customer Service

It would be fair to say that insurers are often criticized, rightly or wrongly, for their customer service. So how can you improve customer [...]
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The Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning for Your Insurance Brokerage

In an uncertain world we cannot rely on our business activities continuing unabated forever. Terrorism, the weather, earthquakes (yes, even in [...]
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Challenges for Insurers in 2015

It’s the New Year and we’d like to wish all SchemeServe readers a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2015. We’d also like to take a little [...]
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