An End to Premium Rate Calls in Insurance?

Insurers are looking at a cut in income thanks to a new ban on premium rate calls instigated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Thanks to [...]
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5 Qualities that Leaders in Insurance Should Aspire To

IT has Bill Gates, the airlines have Richard Branson, finance has Warren Buffet and retail had Anita Roddick, all of them exceptional leaders [...]
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5 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience in the Insurance Sector

Normally, when we look at customer experience here at SchemeServe we try and look at the technologies that can improve the experience. Today, [...]
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Who are the Keynote Speakers at BIBA 2014?

BIBA 2014 is rapidly getting closer and we’re excited to be taking part again this year at SchemeServe. If you haven’t had a look at the [...]
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What’s the Future Looking Like for the Insurance Schemes Market?

I think it’s fair to say that here at SchemeServe we have a certain investment in insurance schemes. It’s been said recently, by some in the [...]
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The Heart Bleed bug - SchemeServe does not use OpenSSL.

This means that SchemeServe is not directly vulnerable to the HeartBleed bug. HeartBleed affects servers running an un-patched version of [...]
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5 Ways to Get the Best Interns for Your Insurance Brokerage

If you’re looking to stretch out staffing budgets a little further and you’d like your brokerage to give a little back to the community it [...]
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5 Reasons Insurers should Embrace Technology rather than Fear It

According to the recent PWC Global CEO survey 60% of insurance CEOs are concerned that the current speed of technological change is a threat to [...]
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What is the difference between a bonafide and labour only subcontractor?

We’ve been asked this question a few times recently and we thought we’d provide the answer on our blog so that it can help others stuck with [...]
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