Cyber-Insurance: Insurers Damned if They Do and Damned If They Don’t

We’ve written here and on our sister blog, Riskheads, about the risks companies face if they don’t insure against the risks of cyber-attack. [...]
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Opt-Out Add-On Enforcement Date Set by FCA

The FCA released its consulting paper on insurance add-ons back in March of this year. This week, it has confirmed the end results of that [...]
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5 Low Cost Marketing Options for Your Insurance Brokerage

Times are tight and getting the most from your brokerage’s marketing budget is becoming ever more important. With that in mind we’ve put [...]
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Is the Selfie About to Become an Insurance Requirement?

Love it or hate it, the selfie is here to stay. The art of taking photos of yourself with a smartphone has become troubling in Russia where the [...]
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5 Tips for Content Marketing for Your Insurance Brokerage

Content marketing is the development of interesting content for your website in order to attract more business. Why does it matter? Because [...]
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Peer-to-Peer Insurance – A Breakthrough or a Fizzle?

You may not have noticed but in 2014 the British insurer Guevara announced the UK’s first peer-to-peer insurance model. There have been a few [...]
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What Data Should Insurers and Brokers Share with Clients?

The FCA is issuing a lot of consultation papers at the moment and you may have missed the General Insurance Add-ons paper which was released in [...]
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Is it Time for Insurers to Conduct War Games?

The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has made it its business to conduct stress tests on insurers. These tests consist of sending out [...]
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Search Engine Optimization for Your Brokerage - How to Get Found Online

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the trick to getting your website, blog or other online content in Google rankings. It helps prospective [...]
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